About GW
GW Opto was established to market Liquid Crystal Displays Modules (LCD/LCD Module) and Backlight (BLU) throughout the world. We manufacture a wide range of standard monochrome LCD Modules and TFT LCD Modules (LCM) for Asia, US and Europe.

All GW products are made in top quality and working reliably throughout product life. GW experienced application engineers are standing by to support you with your LCD display solution. GW design team, engineering team and manufacturing team are always flexible to meet the ever changing market needs for customized LCD modules.

Our products are widely used in industrial facilities, audio-visual equipment, mobile phones, remote controls, office equipment, communication sets, electrical appliances, medical equipment... and etc. .. GW offer comprehensive custom services, such as prototyping, production design and full assembly. Please contact us for further information & service.

GW Core Competence:
  • Specialized in 1.5” – 12” LCM with RTP or CTP solution.
  • Support Small & Medium Size Orders.
  • Strong RD Team.
  • Flexibility in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing
  • Trouble- Free Quality & Service.
  • Fast Delivery.
  • Seasoned Sales with Detailed Service.